Energy Efficiency and Healthy Homes

Riverwood Homes is committed to exceeding building code and energy requirements to deliver our customers efficient homes with low utility bills. Our homes also have a minimized impact on the environment because of our energy efficient building techniques and usage of renewable energy. All of our homes are Energy Star certified and are independently tested and assigned a Resnet HERS score.


In Idaho, we are being proactive to build above the building code and Energy Star requirements. For example, we are now including R-49 attic insulation instead of the typical R-38 insulation. Several of our houses have all-electric heat pumps and heat-pump water heaters. These high-efficiency units generate lower utility bills for our buyers and rely on renewable energy, which is good for the environment. Most of our houses have 0.27 U-factor windows and advanced air sealing to bring the house's air changes down to less than 3.0 per hour. 


The state of Washington has pushed builders to exceed Energy Star requirements, and we are complying with and exceeding those standards. All of our homes are heated and cooled with heat pumps, as are our water heaters. Our windows have a weighted .20 U-factor, meaning they have extremely good insulation properties. We seal our homes to have no more than 3.0 air changes per hour, which keeps the conditioned air inside and the pollutants outside. 

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